Reply To: Tilakhanna & Fear


Lang wrote:
“…When such thoughts creep into the mind, one should immediately get rid of them. That is the basis of Anapana and Satipatthana.”

It is IMPORTANT to note that I was referring to SPECIFIC thoughts with greed, hate, or ignorance. Such thoughts should be stopped as soon as they arise.
– One SHOULD NOT get rid of all thoughts. In fact, one should CULTIVATE good (moral) thoughts with the opposites (benevolence, compassion, and wisdom).
– Those two encompass the real Anapana or Satipatthana Bhavana.

Lang asked, “For the view of “not caring whether or not there is rebirth”, sort of “taking the 5th on rebirth”, is it a micha ditthi?”

If one does not believe in rebirth one is not a real Buddhist, because what the Buddha taught was how to stop the suffering-filled rebirth process.
– Some people get upset when I point this out. But I MUST point out such key facts about Buddha Dhamma; see, “Buddhism without Rebirth and Nibbana?“.