Reply To: Four Conditions for Attaining Sōtapanna Magga/Phala


From what I see the meaning behind is like that:

1) “Hey look at me I attained Nibbana, worship me!” – Breaking precepts
2) “I attained Nibbana, let me help you be free of suffering” – Okay to do

Buddha mentioned that using superpowers to coax other people to practice Dhamma is not really right way to do because they would have wrong views about it but at the same time I remember story of Buddha who takes one person who was attached to his girlfriend/wife and could not leave her for a 5 minutes, Buddha showed him other great nymphs in higher realms so he considered that his wife is no more than monkey compared to them, Buddha coaxing him if he follows Noble Path he would be reborn in that realm with all those women so he ordained but at the same time in the process he attained Nibbana, other monks laughed his off as his intention was “impure” but Buddha “scolded” those monks as he already attained Arahantship.

Every situation needs a certain stage of wisdom – we can not act like robots and Buddha never expected that when he states Vinaya, some rules are straightforward but some rules seems to have open space for wisdom of a person and for him to decide and be responsible for his actions.

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