Reply To: What is a thought? – How many cittas?

Dr. J Chakma

Thanks for your complement upekkha100
I do have some basic knowledge about abhidhamma. I have been reading puredhamma website (and the pdf ebook) since 2015 and I have already read pdf ebook a few times. Hence, I developed some understanding and knowledge.
I do visit this forum and comment whenever I feel I can add something to a topic. However, I restrain myself sometimes, because I feel there are many topics where participants write about things that I consider of not much value/use in progressing/following the PATH. I will certainly comment on topics that I feel I should add.
In this regard, I would like to point out one thing for Tobias G. In his comment he said: “And such neutral citta do not have javana”
I beg to differ in this point. There can not be any citta vithi without javana citta in it, as a citta vithi always have the 17 cittas in it (or 10-12 in manodvara citta vithi and if it is not a citta vithi it is bhabhanga citta or in case of jhanas, it can be jhana citta). It is in the javana citta (within a citta vithi) that produce rupa, in the case of doing dishes, it is the javana cittas in citta vithi that produce rupa, kaya vinnati rupa in this case that lead to movement of hands for washing dishes (to be precise mind produce kaya vinnati rupa and that instructs brain to move the muscles in hand to do the work, in this case wash dishes). However, washing dishes may not produce any kamma beeja although it produce rupa. Because all rupa produced by javana citta are not kamma beeja.
This is my understanding and hope Lal will clarify if something is wrong.
With METTA to all beings