Reply To: the effects of practices and contemplations.


Yes, Siebe. All you say are correct. That sutta is a good reference too.

If sense experiences are not pleasurable, humans will not be tempted by them. When they do immoral things to get those sense pleasures, they commit kamma that lead to rebirth in the apayas.

It is hard for a normal human to avoid such kamma WHEN sense pleasures are HIGHLY attractive, i.e., when temptations become STRONG.
– This is why a permanent change in mindset of at least a Sotapanna Anugami is needed. Such a mindset will automatically reject such bad actions at the vottapana citta (in the Abhidhamma language). So, one will not have to consciously avoid such “apayagami actions”.
– The tendency to have temptations for certain sense attractions are embedded in one’s gati. Those gati need to be reduced by doing real Anapana/Satipatthana. Then it will become easier to grasp the Tilakkhana and get to the Sotapanna stage.