Reply To: Akasa dhatu vs vinnana dhatu


Hi Christian,

I know from experience mind can be like a calm lake, so calm and relaxed, even inhaling and exhaling can end. One can experience a big relief and openess, like any stress or burden is gone. And some time later (anariya) stress and burden come back. Mind can show all this. From pure fear and terror to an enourmous feeling of safety and trust. From heat to cooling down. From greed to any lack of greed. From tanha to any lack of tanha.

Herewith conditions are very important is my own experience. Isolate people, and we all have to fight to stay mentally healthy. Loose your job and you will feel less appreciated and self-assured. Loose your nice relationship or friendships and maybe you will feel stress levels (thapa) automatically increase. Etc.

Our natural and inborn longings and needs for attention, appreciation, love, they cause so much thapa when they are not satisfied.
I know it is for a human being very hard to cool down when those basic needs are not satisfied.