Reply To: gandha + abbha — utuja or karaja?


The post is: “Manomaya Kaya (Gandhabba) and the Physical Body

The “fine physical body by inhaling aroma” is NOT part of the utuja kaya.

It belongs to the fourth kaya, the karaja kaya. It is a fine form of karaja kaya. Our karaja kaya is much more dense.

The utuja kaya is more like an “energy field” surrounding the body. It arises due to cittaja kaya.
– Basically citta arise in our minds and are immediately gone. Part of the javana energy created by cittas are converted to the utuja kaya.
– Brahmas have only those three kaya: kammaja, cittaja, and utuja.
– So, a new human (or animal) gandhabba is “born” at the cuti-patisandhi moment with those three kaya. Then with time, it will get a bit more dense by “inhaling” aroma. Here, “inhaling” does not imply they have noses. It is more like absorption.