Reply To: Akasa dhatu vs vinnana dhatu


Siebe wrote: “Now i am reading about space-element which is said to be unconditioned, always existed. For me this is new. 
Now i am reading about space-element which is said to be unconditioned, always existed. For me this is new”. 

This is the key problem. Getting stuck in a set of words like ‘unconditioned”. One needs to have a basic understanding of what causes suffering.
– Buddha Dhamma is all about removing the causes for future suffering.
What causes suffering is attachment to “things” in this world. But not all “things” make us attach to them.
– Those “things” that we attach to have a finite time of existence, and even during that time of existence they change unexpectedly (viparinama nature). Those are also called sankata.

Instead of trying to analyze concepts that cannot be grasped, one should start at a level that one can understand.
– Akasa dhatu and vinnana dhatu are at the very fundamental level; vinnana dhatu is different from vinnana. Everything in the world is condensed into just 6 “entities”: patavi, apo, tejo, vayo, akasa dhatu, vinnana dhatu.
– Trying to understand those is like trying to understand quantum mechanics without understanding basic mechanics, say Newton’s laws.
All those 6 elements will always be there. That does not mean they do not undergo change.

Those 6 elements, by themselves, do not make us suffer. When we attach to “things” that arise in the world starting with those 6 elements, that is when we create future suffering for ourselves.

Understanding of more complex things comes only after understanding more basic things. I really hope everyone will carefully read all the posts at the new “Essential Buddhism” section. If one cannot understand those posts, then talking about more complex subjects is just a waste of time.

Siebe wrote: “I have many problems, kilesa’s, greed, hate, delusion, fear. Nothing i do not have..”
That is where you should start. My recommendation to you or anyone else is to read carefully the posts in the above section AND follow them: “Essential Buddhism“. How to get rid of kilesa’s, greed, hate, delusion, fear, etc is described there.

Anyway, I have spent enough time on this topic. Unless I see a comment that is worthwhile responding to, no point in spending more time answering “philosophical questions”.