Reply To: Akasa dhatu vs vinnana dhatu


I would like to share the experience but this is beyond the possibility of this world. A mind can be adapted to the higher realms like that only when exposed to it directly but for me, the experience bypassed the mind or the mundane mind which we use to work with in relation to six senses. What Lal is saying is right with the experience in the limitations of rational understanding of such phenomena which is the best you can get without proper experience. I’m already shared some of my meditative experiences but I doubt anybody believes them (for me would be hard to believe that without being subject to those experiences). This type of experiences of beyond rupa jhanas and their aspects like infinite space etc. if I start speaking about them nobody would take it seriously as the mind will negate those experiences being to used to limitations of six senses. That’s why I always mention that most of the things people ask, are curious about or want to fill up themselves with the ideas which are nonsense and got nothing to do with Buddha Dhamma, we can come to some understanding without experience as Lal presented but it does not lead anywhere besides having some idea – even to really grasp right idea of such experiences and not distorted imagination itself person need to be cultivated to some extent or have some insight into Nibbana to deduce those things of how they are (they already need to have some Panna to penetrate into that stuff). I would rather believe that dragons exist and things that happen with fantasy books or Indian mythology is more real then what happens beyond out limitations of our six senses if I would be not subject to those experiences – there would be no way I could possibly believe such things even when explained exactly how it is (which is not possible to be exact with it to bridge and transport any sense to regular person).