Reply To: Akasa dhatu vs vinnana dhatu


“Both akasa and vinnana are infinite. One can experience that (I have not) when one gets into the first two arupavacara jahna of Ākāsānancāyatana and Viññāṇañcāyatana.

Ākāsānancāyatana comes from Ākāsā + ananta + ayatana, which means it is “infinite spatial plane”. Plane does not mean a two-dimensional surface. I cannot think about a suitable English word; it just means “it is out there”

I’m surprised that you explain it very well without experience. I happen to experience it for a couple days and it’s as you say. It’s out there, explaining it in normal mundane words is not possible, when I experienced it as a thought of it as Nibbana as suffering there is so subtle that you have a hard time to recognize it.