Reply To: Post on "Buddhism and Evolution – Aggañña Sutta (DN 27)"

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May I reciprocate that friendly greeting of yours with ‘Hello, friend-in-the-Dhamma firewrns’

I had said:”…does away with the value of a human bhava.”

You go on: “..even outside of a Buddha Sasana, the human bhava has its own value too, though it is of course still anatta.”

Quite true. One can still ‘prepare the groundwork’,as it were, for when a Buddha IS around in the future through moral and virtuous living. I saw only the ‘cosmic aspect’ of it as I wrote. Thank you for reminding me, and others, of this.

This brings up another point I have been wanting to mention: why should it be that out of 10,000 stellar systems a Buddha appears only on this planet, or more precisely, on re-evolutions of it? What is so special about planet Earth? I am not comfortable with this special status of planet Earth and, all the more,that out of all those humanities, WE happen to be on it; it is true that is of no adverse consequence to the devas and brahmas on those other inhabited planets, but why should those in a human bhava here be so privileged compared to the ones on those other planets?

Whatever the answer to that, if there is one, as we never tire of reminding ourselves and one another: let not too much importance be attached to it-just a glance to the side. The goal lies straight ahead.