Reply To: Gandhabba and Cloning


Tobias said: ” How can the gatis of the parents get matched in that case? Where is the “mind-component” stored all this time?”

Those gatis were frozen in the sperm and the egg, just like the “properties of a plant to be arisen” are encoded in a seed. Of course, the gati would be mainly those that the mother and father had at that time.

However, the gati of the mother and father at the current time may have an effect too, especially if they are very different. Everything in this world is inter-connected in a subtle way:”Quantum Entanglement – We Are All Connected“.

y not said: ” It is of more concern what the state of a frozen EMBRYO is , that is, once the gandhabba has entered. Will the ‘mind-component’, as you have it, that is, the gandhabba ,frozen for all that time?”

Gandhabba would enter the zygote created by the union of the egg and sperm after the egg and sperm are unfrozen and combined. I think they are kept frozen separately. I am not sure.
– If they are combined before freezing, but right after combining, there may or may not have enough time for the gandhabba to “take possession” of the zygote created.
– If there is indeed a “frozen gandhabba”, it could come out or stay frozen. But that is getting into speculation.