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Finalmente após varios dias de procura, achei o Post procurado e citado por mim no Comentario de December 26, 2018 at 10:37 am:
Ye Dhammā Hetuppabhavā..and Yam Kińci Samudaya Dhammam..

Ye Dhammā Hetuppabhavā.. and Yam Kiñci Samudaya Dhammam..

I had looking for it all those days and just now I found That, just now! . I will put here only the last paragrafo:
“17. Please do not hesitate to ask questions at the forum if this is not clear. Kamma viññāna are discussed in detail at: “Kamma Viññāna – Link Between Mind and Matter”.
 The process of how past kamma try to bring vipāka with vipāka viññāna is discussed in detail at, “Avyākata Paticca Samuppāda for Vipāka Viññāna“.
 Of course one needs to really understand what is meant by all these terms (vēdanā, tanhā, upādāna, etc.) in order to understand these processes; see, “Mental Aggregates“.
 If one can truly comprehend this post, one could get to the Sōtapanna stage, because this is really seeing the “way to Nibbana“, i.e., how to stop the future suffering permanently. This is about getting to lokottara Sammā Ditthi”.