Reply To: King Yama


It is true that there were yogis (and could be at any time) with abhinna (supernormal) powers who can see some of these things. This especially true for seeing past lives and being able to even visit brahma realms (by cultivating jhanas, which correspond to mental states of those brahma realms). But I am not sure whether they can see apayas.

In any case, there are many concepts in several religions, especially in Hinduism, that are coming from the previous Buddha, Buddha Kassapa, who was there before before Buddha Gotama during this Maha Kappa.
– This gets into archaeological dating problems (these dating techniques can only go back about 100,000 years), so I try to keep away from this topic. This is an issue that could deviate attention from more important issues such as incorrect interpretations of Buddha Dhamma.
– Again, there is so much that modern science is still not aware of.