Reply To: Four Conditions for Attaining Sōtapanna Magga/Phala


Lvalio said: ” I felt intense Joy when reading for the first time the Sutta “Dvayatānupassanā Sutta-3.12. Observation of Dualities (Sutta Nipāta – Dvayatānupassanā Sutta – 3.12. Observation of Dualities)”

That is indeed a good sutta that explains the way to Nibbana. I just read it. Thanks for that reference.

You can try to locate relevant posts by using the “Search box” on top right. It comes with a list of regular posts and relevant comments in the forum. Search for “Angulimala” and may be you can find it that way.

It is essential that one must learn about the Tilakkhana from an Ariya to get to the Sotapanna stage.
– However, “learning about the true explanation of Tilakkhana” is not enough, as Tien pointed out with the example of Ven. Potila that I discussed in a past post.

However, if one truly believes that one has an understanding of the “unfruitful nature” or the “anicca nature” one could be a Sotapanna or a Sotapanna Anugami. One could probably confirm for oneself by comparing whether one’s behavior has changed.

The best example I can give is about one trying to quit smoking. So, he learns about the bad consequences of smoking.
– If he really gets the idea that it is dangerous to keep smoking, he would at least cut down on smoking.
– But it may take some time to totally quit, by really getting the “sanna” that it is indeed dangerous to smoke.
– However, if the message DID really register in his mind, sooner or later, he would totally quit. Then there is no doubt.