Reply To: habitual behaviour and suffering


Some people just make it hardest as possible for themselves rather than try to make it most simple to realize Nibbana at least to some extent.

Most people can not approach Dhamma right way. Everything is explained here already. There is no point to challenging Buddha to our own views which we read about from various sources but to try to understand and find which of them make the most sense for us. The one which makes sense should open our perception, trigger something wholesome and transformation of gathi.

The Pathway which most people choose on this forum (especially sybe which it happens repeatedly) is to compare your own ignorance with Buddha Dhamma. It will just not work, you can not put a square into a circle and vice versa. Even monkey have enough brain to not do that and some of the birds but humans seem still to struggle with that.

Learn Dhamma the way which is explained. If you do not understand what is explained – ask the question on that topic “I do not understand this and that”, and “my own understanding compared to this is like that so help me to fix it”

To analyze one people ignorance you just need two ingredients:

1) The question of such a person
2) His own explanation from the current (non)understanding

and from that, you can benefit. Other things without those two frames will results in just endless and useless conversation so it’s compassion best interests to point out what is wrong and what is right, especially if one knows about it. If you can’t agree with that or you do not like it and think that compassion is letting you play around as you like then you need to GROW UP as you either a child or child in grow man body who didn’t develop well and still have ideas that can hide behind “lack of compassion” card while being unresponsible and let go of ignorance without consequences.

Whatever it is internet or real-life consequences in relation to Ariya Puggala are still can affect your mind and future rebirth. Be responsible and act as one who wants to learn or attain magga phala because what it ins your heart, in reality, can be seen behind the letters.