Reply To: habitual behaviour and suffering


Siebe: There is no point in making statements without backing up with Tipitaka evidence.

If you want to make a case, please provide evidence. Otherwise, this discussion is not going anywhere.

This website is filled with evidence that “a person” is nothing but a “set of gati”. Suffering arises because we all have “immoral gati”. Even though we also have “moral gati”, they do not lead to high-levels of suffering.

However, when we get rid of “immoral gati”, one realizes that those “moral gati” also lead to births that are of unsatisfactory nature, and end up with suffering because one will encounter death eventually. Furthermore, upon death from that “good birth” one can and will be born with a “bad birth” filled with much suffering.

Thus when one attains the Arahant stage, one gets rid of “all gati that have arisen due to abhisankhara”.

But until that Arahant’s physical body dies, he/she will have some kammically neutral gati, as I explained in my previous post.

Unless you can provide concrete evidence from the Tipitaka to backup your claims, please do not bother to make “statements”. That will only clutter this discussion board.