Reply To: habitual behaviour and suffering


“Bad en good both conditionally arise in reaction to sense-inputs.”

No. This is a bad oversimplification and those things are rooted in micca ditthi.

The condition for good is a cessation of bad. We are not talking about how bad people can act good but a cessation of bad qualities give rise to good reactions.

“In a strict sense, because it both conditionally arises, it is not really authentic behavior. ”

That’s dry nonsense which is conditioned when you are disconnected from reality. Good things are not conditioned on supermundane Path, they are good because lack of conditions to do anything bad.

I wanted to answer all those things you spoke but they are all from the same standpoint and ignorance. You are not trying to understand Dhamma but try to put your understanding first challenging Dhamma as you knew better what is what which is one step before slandering Dhamma.