Reply To: habitual behaviour and suffering

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Alright. What is ‘authentic’? What do you understand by the word? To me it means a behaviour pattern or mode that is not made up for the occasion, not artificial – no play-acting, no airs and graces. Just being yourself. But ‘being yourself’ too is a mode of behaviour that distinguishes you from any other person.

It must be the case that it is a result of all that we have acquired during our numberless lives in the past. You distinguish between ‘being yourself’ and ‘showing habitual behaviour (following tendencies)’ But how has that which makes up ‘being yourself’arisen if not through those very behavioral patterns/tendencies?

I am not trying to win you over to my view, Sybe – I am just explaining my understanding of the matter. If it makes you feel any better – ok, I fail to see the distinction. Perhaps others can; then they may take up the matter.

Metta to you and to all beings