Reply To: Discourse 4 – Sakkaya Ditthi – What is “a Person”?


In this discourse it was said that Gandhabbas of all living beings are of the same size, smaller that the size of an atom. Lal also drew an example of bodybuilders sweating so hard to make their physical body big, while being ignorant of their manomaya kaya being infinitesimal.
But in many posts on Gandhabba here, it is said that manomaya kaya overlaps physical body: “As the physical body grows, first inside the womb and then outside the womb, the fine body of the manomaya kaya expands with it when the physical body grows from the single cell. Thus overlapping the physical body that we see, there is a very fine body (manomaya kaya) of the gandhabba.”
So, if I get it right, that means that manomaya kaya of a bodybuilder does actually get bigger when he’s growing in size. And according to other posts on the gandhabba, it copies the shape of a physical body it left after death.