Reply To: Discourse 2 – Icca, Nicca, Anicca


Nikita said: “But then it was also said that vaci sankhara (including talking to oneself) can be considered as kamma pata..”

Yes. You are right. If I said that, that is not really correct.

“Talking to oneself” is a vaci sankhara, and it is an apunnabi sankhara.
However, it becomes a “kamma pata” only if it is really carried out: For example, if actually killing or hurting someone or actually spreading a falsehood to hurt someone, etc.

“Talking to oneself” is bad because it defiles one’s mindset, even if one does not carry it out. For example, “day dreaming about sex” is bad even though it does not hurt someone else, because it becomes a pancanivarana, and blocks one’s mind from getting to samadhi.
– Then it would also become easier to actually carry out a kamma pata eventually.