Reply To: right effort


Thanks for your answers. I wanted to share the following with you:

Some schools, like dzogchen, a tibetan buddhist school, teach to change nothing in the mind. Why invest? States and phenomena arising are all impermanent and cannot be maintained.

The one thing needed is to deeply observe the arising and ceasing of states and phenomena. Seeing the movement without wanting to change anything. The nature of a bad thought or tendency arising, is no different from the nature of a good thought or tendency arsising.
It is only movement arising, empty phenomena, like a castle in the air, like foam without any substance. That’s the nature of all phenomena, good or bad.

They teach just to sharply, but loosely, observe this movement. It will cease in itself when it is only observed. Active involvement in mind processes, they find, is of no use if one can see or sense that all mind processes or of the same nature.

Just let go. Relax. Do not get worried or anxious when there are unwholesome thoughts or tendencies or delighted when there are wholesome thoughts or tendencies. Just rest in non-movement and observe movement. Do not follow movement.

The short-cut is just to see any formation, wholesome or not wholesome, just as formations, movement, arising and ceasing. It is only movement arising, nothing special, not worth following, or worth changing, worth investing in. It is worth knowing and that’s all.

Personally i think this is the most consequent application of “this is not mine, not me, not who i am”. It is applied to all formations, and does not discriminatie in wholesome or unwholesome ones, or pleasant or unpleasant ones, beneficial ones or unbeneficial ones.

I think this is part of the teachings of the Buddha. Do you see any trouble or any great problems?