Reply To: Tilakhanna III


Hi @Johnny_Lim

“Of course this contemplation is only one aspect of Tilakkahana.” Sorry not sure to which contemplation you’re referring, yours or mine? Both perhaps.

Well any contemplation on Tilakhanna not coming from a Buddha will surely be incomplete. On the other hand my own understanding on Tilakhanna isn’t limited to the definitions given here, even if they are right in and of themselves.

Renounce to everything while still living a common life within society will drive you mad as much as excess/overindulgence.To introduce detachment within healthy and honest usufruct is the true Middle Way for lay people. And what’s to introduce detachment within honest and healthy usufruct of life ? “I enjoyed the fireworks (with a clean mind) as much as i already forgot it; both the fireworks and the joy i already forgot them – thus preventing bad kamma”.