Reply To: Tilakhanna III


@Johnny_Lim ” It is our inability to maintain the sense experience consistently the way we want it to be and the helplessness towards this whole sense experience that is the problem”

Helplessness only when one attempts to “crystallize” what’s happening according one’s preferences ? Which is to say according one’s clingings ? Otherwise there will be no dukkha. Because you see it’s fine to say “Anicca : we can’t maintain anything according our satisfation” but it’s even finer to understand WHY. Same goes for “anatta: …and then we become helpless” (because of anicca according puredhamma).

It’s not wrong to feel satisfied as much as we are aware that human satisfaction it’s fragile feeling – like any other feeling.

I enjoyed the fireworks as much as i already forgot it – both the fireworks and the joy i already forgot them.

Again it’s clear that to define Anicca and Anatta in only one way it will impoverish the understanding of both. Because both have alot of facets and both are commutable – since (as the Buddha said) “everything is mind wrought”.