Reply To: Kāmaccandha and Icca – Being Blinded by Cravings

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You mean asexual?

However, what Lal is here making reference to are rather androgynes (hermaphrodites or bi-sexuals), simultaneously male and female, but in the psychological sense. There are species that are physically androgynous in the animal kingdom (snails for instance).

There are records in some esoteric teachings that even humans were once androgynous, and that that state is the normal one for a humanity on acquiring a dense material body* To my mind, The Jewish legend of ‘God’ taking a rib from Adam to make a female is the symbolism of this ‘seperation of the sexes’, which I read as an extraterrestrial humanity having ‘quickened’ the, if left to itself,natural transition of an androgynous humanity to a male-and-female one here. *That all beings return from the Abhassara realm once the Earth is reformed may be relevant here. (I had not thought of that)

These fragments relating to the former states and physical structure of the humanity on this planet are found here and there in the world. They may be approximations, or distortions in some cases, of real facts from former Buddhas sasanas. Lal once pointed this out, but in reference to another subject altogether.

Like yourself, I feel that Brahmas have gone beyond sex altogether — in the physical, mental and emotional sense ,all, since they have made an end of kama raga.