Reply To: Kammic Outcomes of Ambiguous Behavior


y not said: “Yet, if he is feeling unsettled, is that not an indication that there already is remorse hidden somewhere? – lying underneath, below the conscious level. And will not the possible kammic outcomes be still worse if he has an altogether wrong view about what is moral – i.e if he feels ‘settled’ in performing the deed, and does it with joy?”

That is very true. Those with “really covered minds” or moha will have no remorse even. So, indeed it is good that M “feels unsettled”.

In fact, when one starts on Satipatthana, one may realize that one just did something wrong after-the-fact. But that is still good. Then one makes a determination to “catch it early” next time. That is how one makes progress.

But the point is that it is not enough just to realize that one is doing something wrong. One MUST act on it and at least get the bad habit reduced gradually. Just keep thinking about it is bad.