Reply To: Kammic Outcomes of Ambiguous Behavior


“If the action harms others, that is bad.”

Well in my story the only person (in principle…) who may be harmed is the female partner of the guy who is attending the streetwoman – if she finds out about her partner behavior. But supposing that she’ll never find out– then the kammic outcomes for him would be lighter…?

Sorry if I’m insisting but i’m glimpsing certain kammic subtleties which might be interesting to clarify , also because one can find the same subtleties in other situations.
For instance i suspect that the state of mind of the individual before, whilst and after the deed might have some importance in terms of kamma vipaka.For instance: the more he’ll feel unsettled about his deed worse will be the kammic outcomes?

Thank you i’ll stop my quest now and I hope i didn’t disturb someone. Sorry if i did. But on the other hand one shouldn’t do like the ostrich…