Reply To: Jhana as the path to enlightment?


For the Path of Ariya is to abide by Niveema/Niramisa Sukha, not jhana. Jhana is the results of one practice of getting rid of tanha (or assavas). So jhana is glued to the Path. When I do anapanasati and satipatthana I do not even think of jhana, it comes like a shadow after getting rid of a substantial part of hindrances from one’s mind. So when you focus on the happy feeling of lightness it will develop into jhana I guess but I do not yet reach Ariya jhana as I guess you will need to be Anagami but I got often spontaneous feelings of getting close to jhana. I have been in concentration-types jhanas and they feel almost the same but this got more lightness and it’s more “fluffy” then anariya jhanas which are good but this is like different grade, can’t compare. Like you have regular cheese which is pretty good but once you have high-grade cheese is like day and night. So I would say this is the same, but not really the same once you have some experience on each side.

So jhana is not Path to Nibbana but glued to Path as you progress. Of course, you can make it up from anariya jhana too but that depends on a person. Once you attain Sotapanna you will easily get inner feelings what is the right method and what is wrong because this is how you saw Nibbana and experience so you can not be cheated again on what and how to do things.