Reply To: Feelings: Sukha, Dukha, Somanassa, and Domanassa

Tobias G

There is one more issue in the post Feelings: Sukha, Dukha, Somanassa, and Domanassa. In #11 it is said:

“Now let us consider the consequences of sankhāra in this life, that we mentioned in #6 above. Suppose a teenager starts associating with bad friends and start drinking alcohol. Initially, he does not even like the taste of it, i.e., he may be generating a dukha vēdanā due to the taste of alcohol. But with the insistence of those friends he continues drinking.

Then he makes a habit (gati) of it, begins to perceive the taste as a sukha vēdanā, and starts making sankhāra about drinking. …”

How can the teeanager change his perception from dukha to sukha vedana without the mind inbetween? Actually he should only be able to change his domanassa vedana to somanassa vedana. Sukha or dukha vedana are part of bhava and not mind made or depending on gathi/asava.