Reply To: Feelings: Sukha, Dukha, Somanassa, and Domanassa

Tobias G

Hi Lal,
in your post November 21, 2018 at 8:16 am you say:

Obviously, an Arahant also tastes the sweetness of sugar. Does that count as a “sukha vedana”? May be this needs to be decided at how a “sukha vedana” is defined.

Is “sukha vedana” defined as “a bodily sensation”? If so, sweetness of sugar would not count as a sukha vedana.

But in the post Does Bodily Pain Arise Only Due to Kamma Vipāka? #3 it is said:

This is why In Abhidhamma, all sense inputs via the other five sense inputs (other than physical body) are initially felt as upekkha (neutral) vēdanā. Only the bodily sense inputs could lead to dukkha vēdanā (getting injured, headaches, cancer, etc) or sukha vēdanā (good massage, lying on a comfortable bed, etc).

Here is nothing mentioned that involves the other 5 sense inputs, only kaya rupa are in play. Thus only with the body one can feel sukha and dukha vedana as kamma vipaka. But of course kama guna are felt by all including Arahants. Somehow there is a missing link…