Reply To: Do You Only Live Once? The Evidence for Rebirth


Hi Lal,

Please clarify what I have understood. If one is born in a human bhava, he will be born in that bhava (many times / jathi) until his kamma for that bhava is expended or unless he commits an ananthariya kamma. If an ananthariya kamma is commited (papa or punna kamma) he will be born in the relevant bhava after his death (jathi).

It is also stated that a person with niyatha miccha ditti will not be born in the human or any realm above. However, niatha miccha ditti is not classified as an ananthariya papa kamma. Does this mean that a human with niyatha miccha ditti may be born again as a human after his death, if he has not expended his kamma for a human bhava. After he expends his kamma for a human bhava he will be born in a lower realm if he has not got rid of the niyatha miccha ditti by that time. Is that understanding correct?

This makes sense with the stories that Johnny has shared and many other stories of rebirth as well. We cannot come to a conclusion, but it is highly likely that these soldiers may have had niyatha miccha ditti when they were killed. If a person with niyatha miccha ditti is definitely reborn in lower realms after his death, then these stories can be a bit contradictory. However, if it means that a person with niyatha miccha ditti is born in the lower realms after his kamma for the human bhava is expended, then these stories do make complete sense.