Reply To: Feelings: Sukha, Dukha, Somanassa, and Domanassa


I will show you on more technical analysis.

When you see a person you do not like the first moment of perceiving “I do not like him” is applied as mental fabrication on the basis of neutral vedana of just seeing a person. If you do not recognize him you would not develop such “dislike” feeling.

So Eye -> Object of perception -> MENTAL FABRICATION -> Feeling is conconcted so you experience it and suffer.

When we attain Arahanthood there is Eye -> Object of perception -> NO MENTAL FABRICATION -> Seeing it as it is without any suffering even if it develops neurobiological suffering it’s just as it is without suffering.

I would not say everything is neutral but this is a true meaning of Anatta. I would say now based on my experience with it and results that real meaning of Anatta is “without own characteristic” so to speak or “without flavor”. To experience suffering on any level of aggregates we need mentally fabricate it but they do not have own qualities so lack of this qualities is Anatta. Everything is truly Anatta, but it can not be translated literally as neutral as it goes beyond neutral but neutral can be used in the explanation.