Reply To: Feelings: Sukha, Dukha, Somanassa, and Domanassa


That’s not true :)

It’s a right explanation. I will use an example I used somewhere else:

an example when three people meet. One person has liked for one person, other people do not like that one but bystander do not have a feeling for that person whom the other two like and dislike. So the person (and objects) do not have any inherent quality that makes people likes or dislike, it's one own ignorance (lack of understanding of Anicca nature which is not impermanence) manufacture such feelings and thoughts to arise - otherwise, all people bypassing would dislike him

So suffering generally appears because of this mental fabrication not because of an object of perception or perception itself. As Sariputta said:

Ven. Kotthita: “How is it, friend Sariputta, is … the ear the fetter of sounds or are sounds the fetter of the ear?…”
Ven. Sariputta: “Friend Kotthita, the … ear is not the fetter of sounds nor are sounds the fetter of the ear, but rather the desire and lust that arise there in dependence on both: that is the fetter there…

so ear-piercing sound will generate neutral vedana in Arahant even is his body reacts in pain but pain will be not mentally fabricated as painful.