Reply To: AN 10.219 Karayakayasutta (The Body born o f Deeds)

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Thank you Lal,

What I had in mind by “ this must be referring to Sakadagamis here (ABSENCE of desire and ill-will)..” was Sakadagamis working for the Anagami Stage and attaining it. Yes, it goes for Sotapannas as well.

Your answer is not only quite satisfactory, but goes beyond. Thank you.
Incidentally, something I have pondered for quite a while: for Sotapannas and Sakadagamis working towards the elimination of desire and ill-will, will there be a different destination for those who have completely eliminated ill-will but not kama raga? Somewhere between Sakadagamis and Anagamis. As such they are not Anagamis yet (kama raga is still there), so another way to put it is: for Sakadagamis totally free of ill-will?

Speaking of that, AN 10.63 Nitthangatasutta opens with: all those who have come to a conclusion about me are accomplished in view. (“Ye keci, bhikkhave, mayi niṭṭhaṃ gatā sabbe te diṭṭhisampannā.) The two single words’mayi. and ‘nittham’ are not translated into English, only a ? is supplied. By ‘“all those who have come to a conclusion about me” I felt a surge of joy in the heart, taking that to mean ‘those whose confidence and faith in the Buddha has become well-grounded, unshakable , the very basis of their lives – and so they have come to hold right view” Does the original Pali justify this rendering?

Then the sutta goes on to list ‘five conclude their path in this realm ..and five conclude their path after leaving this realm behind. Apparently these last five are brahma realms, so is it saying that they conclude their path in their very next existence in a brahma realm?
– Antarāparinibbāyissa, upahaccaparinibbāyissa, asaṅkhāraparinibbāyissa,sasaṅkhāraparinibbāyissa, uddhaṃsotassa akaniṭṭhagāmino –

Lastly, I would like to share a verse I came across in AN 4.34 ..(Aggappasadasutta)
– Having confidence in the best, the result is the best.
(Agge kho pana pasannānaṃ aggo vipāko hoti.)

May all beings make an end of suffering