Reply To: Pāpa Kamma Versus Akusala Kamma


May the blessings of the triple gem be with all of you!
First of all let me introduce myself. I’m Brazilian and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. My first language is Portuguese and although I am able to read English and translate very well, writing is much harder, especially colloquial language. So I pray that, beforehand, forgive me all the mistakes and correct me if necessary. I am Follow Lal and his Posts from 2016. By the month of August I began to understand the expression “Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta, when translating the book Buddhist-inspired “Issues from the Moss”, a Norwegian woman who almost alone, has achieved a State of liberation (Sotapanna, I think), I learned enough to become a reader of Lal (found Pure Dhamma on the Internet and I had to decide between two sites: the Lal and Michael Kewley → did not think it was coincidence that I have chosen Lal …).
The translation of the Book (original was in English) began in April 2016 and the date with the posts of Lal in July (dates are approximate) and then I repeated ANICCA, DUKKHA, ANATTA to myself, all day long…
I’m just reading posts on the Forum every day that I can and have learned so much and for that I am very grateful to LAL and ALL of YOU! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ALL OF YOU!
Lal said: “Here is an example from the Tipitaka that most people are aware of. Prince Nanda (who was a cousin of prince Siddhartha), was going to get married to a beautiful princess and also become the King on the same day. The Buddha saw that Nanda had the ability to become an Arahant…”
Lal, could you please quote for me the source of that story of the Buddha and Prince Nanda?