Reply To: AN 10.219 Karayakayasutta (The Body born o f Deeds)

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“If there is no suitable condition to facilitate a kamma vipaka, then one would not be able to experience the kamma vipaka even though the cause is still out there..
If all kamma vipaka done by a person must be experienced by that person, then this spiritual path is not possible to practise.”

Precisely. That is my understanding too. But this sutta is saying otherwise.Or, on the face of it, this sutta is saying otherwise. It must be the translation, or the way the words are put that give this meaning. That is why I provided the Pali version, so that anyone who can may give an answer based on that. The two points (that you mention) are valid, so it cannot be that these verses undo all that.

Intentional deeds that have been performed and accumulated are either:
– not eliminated by not being experienced,
– eliminated by being experienced, or
– eliminated by not being experienced (through the attainment of Arahanthood), i.e.where suitable conditions cannot arise.) But the verse does not support this last case, beginning: “I DON’T say that….are eliminated without being experienced”. That is the whole question.

Or, what is being stated applies to Anagamis (about whom the sutta is talking) and not beyond; so it is not given as a general, all-inclusive statement.

Thank you for your time