Reply To: AN 10.219 Karayakayasutta (The Body born o f Deeds)


“I don’t say that intentional deeds that have been performed and accumulated are eliminated without being experienced.”

If there is no suitable condition to facilitate a kamma vipaka, then one would not be able to experience the kamma vipaka even though the cause is still out there. For example a person who has attained the Sotāpanna fruition would never be reborn in the woeful states. There is a stark difference in wearing out a kamma vipaka and being able to experience one.

“The first three verses seem to indicate that once a cause is created the effect must follow invariably…”

If all kamma vipaka done by a person must be experienced by that person, then this spiritual path is not possible to practise. Also, it’s detrimental to one’s view on laws of kamma.