Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


Dearl all!

I’d like to revisit this thread after a few months’ absence. Ever since I had the fortune of knowing, I have learned so much, and recently I set up a self cultivation program to make it more structured:

1) Learning Dhamma — from, other books, and listening to desanas (mostly online, some of which are from Lal).
2) Stay away from dasa akusala the best I can.
3) Perform meritorious deeds (mostly dana)
4) Cultivate anicca sanna as prescribed in some posts here.

I am wondering if the process works something like this: some day when my mind is ripe AND I listen to a desana, AND the person giving the desana is an Ariya, THEN there may be something in that desana that gives me a “push” toward the sotapanna stage; this would fulfill the element of “listening to saddhamma” by an Ariya.

Is this how it more or less works?