Reply To: Pāpa Kamma Versus Akusala Kamma


As I said in a different post, it is not possible to quantify the “strengths” of different types of kamma. Some of what you stated do make sense, though.

Furthermore,when they bring vipaka normally many past kamma are combined, so it is not at all possible to sort things out.

It is enough to know the general trends. We should abstain from all four of those things to do with akusala kamma.

To repeat what I had stated earlier:
From the Acinteyya Sutta (AN 4.77):

“There are these four things that are not to be conjectured about, that could make one go mad (become a mental patient). Which four?

  • The Buddha-range (i.e., Buddha’s knowledge) is an unconjecturable that is not to be conjectured about.
  • The jhana-range of a person in jhana (including kinds of supernormal powers that one can attain).
  • The precise workings of kamma.
  • Origins of the world.

These are the four unconjecturables that are not to be conjectured about, that would bring madness and confusion to anyone who tries to find everything about them.”