Reply To: Possible impact of a massive group metta bhavana & group pattidana?


Thank you for posting this video. I had not seen it.

Yes. The power of the mind has been hidden all these years.

Scientists are reluctant to believe these effects because they cannot truly “reproduce” the results. They want to see exactly the same results when an experiment is repeated.
– One person’s mind is not the same as the mind of another. Javana power created in a mind depends on how pure it is. Javana power of an Arahant or someone with magga phala will be much higher. Of course we cannot assign numbers, and that is a problem for scientists who tend to “assign a number” to each parameter.
– As you had mentioned in another post, you have experienced the difference between just saying a verse (without any effect) and reciting it with understanding (by “putting you r mind really in to it”).

Still, it is at a point now that they cannot refute the qualitative results. As the above video says, no one can dispute that there is an observable effect.

Another example is the following video posted by Eric:
The Rice Experiment (Video)
– If someone is curious, this experiment can be done at home. Please let us know if anyone does the experiment.
– There are probably videos online where the experiment did not “work”, i.e., they could not see any difference between the two cases. That is because they were just saying the words without the “mind power” behind it (without true comprehension).

The key point is that javana power of a citta can be enhanced even by doing mundane metta bhavana as in the above video. If a large group of Ariyas repeat this experiment, one could get astounding results.

Anyway, we really don’t need to do experiments. We all can do our part each day. Furthermore, that power will keep increasing as we all purify our minds more.

Here is a relevant post: “Javana of a Citta – The Root of Mental Power“.