Reply To: Pannavimutti and the Rebirth Process


Hi all,

I believe I’m a panna-dominant person, I never believe in anything unless I can experience or logical derive it by myself, I love astrophysics so much that when I was 11 or 12 I learn almost anything relate to physics and the universe. But when the first time I read about Theravada, I was impress by the Buddha, and the more I read about his teachings I cannot turn my head back, it’s so logical and practical, transcend all of my current knowledges, all of my biggest questions about life answered in Dhamma, but there is something that block my progress, that the wrong interpretations of Tilakkhana, after know about this site, my progress was skyrocket. So let me share my own process to derive about why I know that the rebirth process must be true despite never have any of the experiences regard to abhinna.

Everything that exist is due to causes. When a being die, unless he’s an Arahant, then there must be some form of force to have cause him to reappear due to his past abhisankhara. Then the rebirth process must be true. Then, the variety of beings or how their behaviors are decided is due to their kamma. I just thought simple like this, and I was able to be sure that the rebirth process must be true, no need for any evidences or experiences.

I know that it takes people a hard time to comprehend some Dhamma concepts due to their current gati and the level of kilesa in their mind.

So, just continue to keep an open mind, never stop learning and comprehending pure Dhamma, apply real world examples to clarify the concept that you’re trying to learn, practice Satipathanna diligently, your mind will be clearer day by day and you will able to know that the rebirth process or any concepts of the Buddha Dhamma must be the truth, because they are perfectly inter-consistent, they support each other, so be sure to revisit old post once awhile.

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