Reply To: Pannavimutti and the Rebirth Process


This is a question I often ask myself too; Other than believing in Buddha desana, is there another way? For me, the cooling down process started when I became a mother,however it was not due to my understanding of Anichcha nature of the sense-gratification, which I got to know since my retirement, very accidentally while I was trying to educate myself about my religion by reading and listening to Buddhist literature. I always had a sober way of life for ethical reasons, and brought up my children in a similar way, but never believed in rebirth simply due to the increasing animal and human population in the world.
Commercializations of animal husbandry means, millions of animals all over the world due to the human greed.Then comes the question of protozoans, their replication through binary fission and so on… . These and many other questions I had in my mind, however, I am about 50% there, because of my faith in Buddha who had seen things beyond what science has discovered. I still have the question you have posted.