Reply To: Psychic Personhood, Embryo, Gandhabba, Origins


Hi Yeos,

  1. At the moment of conception between egg and sperm, if there is a suitable gandhabba that descended, then a sentient life is formed.
  2. This question somewhat relates to Aggana sutta, there is no good translation of this sutta available yet. I think Lal will work on this sutta in the future.

  3. Despite advancements in the past 100 years, currently the Quantum Field Theory is standed out and is going to become the new standard of physics, but sciences is still very primitive and limited. They can only describe 5% mass of total matters in the visible universe. In this 5% visible matters, there is a large portion which is currently unknown to sciences. And they are totally unacknowledge the mind, quich is far more important. So I think learn about sciences is nothing bad but don’t let them distract you from the Path to Nibbana.