Reply To: Jhana


I had this “eureka moment” when I heard Abhaya Thero for the first time and then much of the understanding came after reading the Puredhamma pages.

I will give you an example that what you attained now is better then all jhanas masters can even imagine. For example, you are addicted to something like drugs or whatever but you get rid of that addiction and you get back to “normal state” or sober state. In spirituality, everybody looks for something like that but Buddha comes and taught us to attain Nibbana (like being sober from addictions/cravings of this world). So even if attainments of Sotapanna or Sakadagami are not going to blow in your face but you will definitely sober from sansara.

If you will be oriented in being sober then liberation with wisdom and clarity of the nature of this world will be easier.