Reply To: Jhana


They are extraordinary, especially higher ones (Most of jhanas experiences I read around got nothing to do with it, rather than just some results of samadhi which are different) but they are like drugs or going out to the circus or some fun park when your emotions are higher to give your spike but in reality anariya jhana just leads to discarding this world for another world of jhanas which is still subject of suffering which is even harder to drop once you get used to jhana practice you do not see nature of either world or jhana but you sees jhana worlds just as better than regular life experiences.

Let imagine the world as a skin of a fruit, sometimes sweet and mostly dry and bitter. World of jhana is like getting into juice and fruit itself that’s why the world can be easily discarded by ascetics as they have a better way to experience bliss then any regular person can attain but either of them does not see the true nature of this fruit and Nibbana lies beyond this fruit by discarding as its sweetness not fulfilling anyway.