Reply To: Jhana


I attained so many different states and samadhi (before I was even practicing proper Buddha Dhamma I was practicing many different types of meditation, some of the one-pointed meditations, other I will not even talk about it because it would sound like a lie)

What I experienced.

1) Once in samadhi, I developed abhinna power to see past of people. If I look at them and think about the topic I want to know my mind produce that knowledge. First I thought they are just mental illusion and fantasies but they felt different than regular thoughts as I could feel they are true. Once I tested it with one of the new friends I had in the workplace. I described her boyfriend, how he looks, what music he listens etc. She was creeped out later on and I never did that again with anybody. (I need to mention when I was not in that samadhi it did not work)

2) I experienced various types of jhanas and blisses (anariya). For the first jhana, it took me a couple of minutes to enter it, but sometimes that jhana also lasted a couple of minutes or seconds. Sometimes as the wave of “orgasm like feeling” or just very pleasant loving feeling in the body mostly. My longest stay in jhana was 6 days, in that jhana, I could function like a regular person on the outside but it was very hard. I forgot to eat because the bliss was so intense it’s beyond any imagination. The world was neither existent or nonexistent. I wish just people can experience it for a brief second as it will switch the view of the whole world and their limited perspective on life.

3) One time after meditation my hand started to disappear as it would be made from thick air. I wanted to make a photo of this phenomena but when reaching for my phone it turned back again normal.

4) One friend of mine let me do experiments on her in relation to meditation powers I developed back in the days. For example, I could control her physical activities in the body. Move her blood flow from one hand to the different place of the body which resulted in numbing of that place as blood flow would be cut off. There were some other things which person with a vivid imagination can understand where those experiments lead further.

5) When I was sick I once developed one samadhi that actually cured me of chronic diseases. Once I had a sore throat and I meditated for a whole night with healing samadhi and after when I left that samadhi in turned into remission by its own in the next couple of hours.

6) Once in meditation, I felt like my body shrank as I would be very small being. As I opened my eyes my body was normal and it was just a feeling like you have sometimes that you are about to fall off when falling asleep.

7) One time I meditated I had flickering and light before my eyes when they were closed.

8) One time when I was asleep I woke up (it was after intense meditation period) I felt movement in my spine which turned into experiencing like thousand claps of thunder would go thru my spine and after those thunders like thousand rocks would roll in that spine in an upward movement. After that, I just moved back to sleep as nothing happened.

9) I had some many small experiences and most of them I forgot to be honest. My conclusions are that it’s easy for someone who had experience in different types of meditation to realize the difference between those and the results of Buddha Dhamma practice.