Reply To: Goosebumps and javana of a citta

y not

“It is the “inner feeling” or “how strongly one feels” that matters. This is why just reciting verses is not effective. One must understand the embedded idea and must feel it too.”

This is just how it is with me. Nothing formal, no set procedures, no plan whatsoever. First the idea (of compassion, or the determination to transfer merits for instance) then follow the thought-words to ‘develop’ that in the mind, then that is transformed into feeling and lastly going deeper into the feeling until I’hit rock bottom’. Then I know it is done. I do not set out to follow that ‘plan’ either, it is not a plan – only the initial idea is determined upon, the sequence follows of itself.

There are no body sensations, only emotional ones. The only time I felt needle-pricks in the scalp, or a tingling sensation there was on first coming upon Puredhamma.

Metta to all.