Reply To: Question about Maccariya (tendency to hide wealth)


Tien said: “my question is why maccariya would be a bad thing in the below example:

Suppose one has a huge amount of wealth but just want to live a simple life, so one would like to not announce one’s huge wealth, not buying anything fancy, or just simply hide wealth from others, to avoid fame, harassment or theft.”

Maccariya arises out of greed. One does not want others to know that one has a lot of wealth, BECAUSE one is afraid that others will either try to rob him or come asking for money.

So, one with maccariya WILL KNOW that one has it. However, others may not know.

Most of these “other bad mental factors” arise out of lobha (ranging from extreme greed, to craving for sense pleasures, to craving for jhanic pleasures), dosa (hate/anger), or moha (ranging from not knowing the difference between moral/immoral, to avijja or not comprehending Tilakkhana).