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Christian has been writing to me for a while, and is making great progress. He is also making an effort to help others by introducing them to Buddha Dhamma, which is a highly meritorious deed.

I like the following from Christian’s post above:
“So Buddha did not say “Do not be happy” but “Do not be happy on the basis of mental fabrication”
So by getting rid of mental fabrications and attachments our mind will generate much more blissful and happiness which is independent and unconditioned and this is Nibbana,”

These “mental fabrications” are what I called “day dreaming” or “fantasizing” or vaci sankhara in my recent posts. One (or one’s vinnana) basically makes up or fabricates scenarios for enjoyment, which can be really harmful.
– Real and long-lasting happiness is attained by getting rid of such “mind-made” pleasures. The Buddha said that vinnana is like a magician, providing an illusion of happiness.