Reply To: Jambūdīpa – what it really means

y not

No, Vilas, I have not. I do not even recall coming across the word.

I am writing only to show my appreciation of this remarkable insight of yours (irrespective of whether others have ‘seen’ it before). It makes sense to me.

But speaking of ‘taking refuge’ : I found myself reflecting precisely on this ‘taking refuge’matter last night.It is said: 1) Take refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. and also 2) take only yourself as a refuge; take no other as a refuge (and that includes The Buddha, IT WOULD APPEAR).

At first this may seem to pose a problem. Which of the two then,? But going into it, I saw that if you take refuge in the Triple Gem, who is going there for refuge? That is , when I see that there can be no other refuge BUT the Triple Gem, and it is I who sees this,it is I who have come to this understanding, then I am thereby taking myself as the refuge, taking MY understanding (that led to going to the Triple Gem for refuge) as the refuge.

And if one, a layman, goes to the Triple Gem just out of curiosity (to see what ‘buddhism’ is all about ) not expecting to find any refuge there, he will be told : take yourself as a refuge, i.e. examine it yourself , see whether it makes sense. And if he does, and it does, then HIS refuge will become the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. So the two refuges are really one.

Much Metta to you and to all