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Re Lal’s and my own post Oct 23 about how news reached the other realms,
“…..and notified their higher-lying main realm….the news progressively propagated to higher-lying realms” . “The Buddha did not have to assist them”

From: Great Chronicle of Buddhas: Mahabuddhavamsa by Ven. Mingun Sayadaw,
link forwarded by SengKiat (October 28, 2018 at 3:20 am) in the post:
-What is the significance of these 4 moon days in Buddha Dhamma?- Chp.9, p.359:

“No sooner had the Buddha uttered this sentence of “Dve’me bhikkhave ante” than the sound that had appeared spread all over the ten-thousand world systems reaching Bhavagga,the highest of the arupa worlds above and avici, the lowest of the hells below.” So this must be how the beings in the other realms were ‘alerted’ – and yet not ‘violating’ the general rule that beings from a lower realm cannot of themselves communicate with those of a higher one.

This makes for consistency throughout.

I thank SengKiat heartily for the link. Immensely interesting book. It will take me weeks to just read through it.

Metta to all beings